The Sister Moses Project depends on the generosity of community volunteers for the success of its programs. If you are interested in any of the many volunteer opportunities, please send us an email at info@SisterMosesDance.org.

Community Outreach & Promotion –Assist with promotion of event through networking and distribution of flyers and postcards within your church, school and community.  Specific opportunities are on Monday, January 21, 2019 at the MLK Annual March and Festival handing out info among the thousands of marchers. Apply Here

Ambassador – Promote the event and sell tickets within your church, school or community organization. Fundraising opportunities are available for your organization to ear a portion of your ticket sales. Needs discussion first, may be added back later. Apply Here

Evening event usher – Be available to usher, help with pre- and post-show lobby/theatre set-up, hand out programs to several hundred arts patrons for the public performance on Friday, February 8 and Saturday, February 9, 2019. Participation requires attendance for a short orientation session (date to be announced). Apply Here

Backstage production help – Assist with backstage organization: costuming, makeup, props, refreshments, supervision of young performers, general assistance to stage manager doing any tasks needed. Apply Here

Reception team – Assist with pre- and/or post-performance reception set-up and clean-up, if needed. Apply Here

The Sister Moses Project


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